Hi! It’s Mikiko! 

Colors speak to me about the sounds of nature.
Colors connect me to a unique time and place.
Colors are a fascinating unspoken language.
Colors communicate ideas and feelings that words cannot.

All of my visual and color inspirations came from the fields of wildflowers and rice that grew around my childhood home. I loved to spend my days catching bugs and small animals full of curiosity until sunset. I believe that my early childhood taught me how to daydream. Watercolor painting still speaks to my innate and fundamental love of rich color palettes. Camping in Joshua Tree stimulates my unlimited imagination. Attending electronic dance music festivals teaches me how to make my heart beat.

My name is Mikiko and I am a graduate of the Graphic Design department at ArtCenter College of Design. Prior to ArtCenter, I received a degree in Media Studies from Tama Art University in Tokyo. I passionately work to create identity, interactive, print and installation projects focused on a broad range of applications by utilizing various transmedia techniques and color combinations to make it happen. Let’s talk about your ideas and feelings that words cannot describe and visualize them into meaningful projects.